Traffic Control Supervisor


A Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) is a critical link in the success of Traffic Safety Services, Inc. (TSS).  An effective TCS on the job ensures it won’t fail and the workers in the construction zone along with the public on the roads are never in harm’s way.

A TCS understands WYDOT requirements, items in the contract, the contractor’s proposed operations & Part VI of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

A TCS will ensure the following:

 - Inspect and have devices, including replacements, delivered to the project before installation.

 - Review the project day & night within 24 hours of the installation of the traffic control devices, monthly, & after each change in the traffic control setup. Within one working day of the review, provide the engineer written documentation of the time and date of review, condition of traffic control devices and layout, and a list of modifications required or performed.

 - Propose changes to improve flow of traffic through the work zone.

 - Provide the engineer with a 24-hour contact number. Return the engineer’s call within two hours of the time of the call.

A TCS will ensure they are on the job site for:

 - The layout, installation, and removal of the traffic control devices when switching and returning traffic on interstate projects.

 - The initial layout, when any changes are made to the layout, installation, and removal of traffic control devices on projects that do not require traffic to cross over.

 - Conduct a review of problems within 24 hours of notification from the engineer.

Additional Key Duties & Responsibilities:

 - Conduct themselves in a manner promoting a professional atmosphere.  Must show respect for work place & coworkers.
 - Possess good communication skills. Communicate in a professional manner at all times.

 - CDL may be required.  Must have the knowledge/ability to operate a forklift.

 - Responsible for following & ensuring all safety rules & regulations are followed.

 - Adhere to all company policies & procedures.

 - Know how to call in for locates and handle installation of projects. Be able to operate installation equipment.

 - Must be capable of loading, safely securing, & unloading trucks/trailers independently.

 - Proficient in reading maps, traffic control plans & specifications.

 - Have working knowledge & a clear understanding of all hand tools, small power tools, & other tools/equipment including signals & message boards. Able to perform minor repairs on equipment as needed.

 - Inspect, maintain, fuel & stock vehicles.

 - Supervise & assist maintainer’s with traffic control responsibilities.

 - Train new hires as needed.

 - Prepare(s) & submit(s) required paperwork & job site documentation (Time Cards, Pull Sheets, Usage Sheets, Receipts, etc.).

 - All other duties as assigned by management.


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